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No Silver Bullet in GMO Golden Rice

If you are a GMO debate follower, you probably belong to one of four corners in this boxing ring. (Why do rings have corners, you may wonder, but that is a debate for a different time) Anti-GMO: You may believe humans should not

Food Labeling and Genetic Research

Scientific American is one of my favorite magazines- it educates, informs and occasionally even entertains. The September 2013 special issue on Food is quite broad in its appeal and touches on a host of issues including food

Processed Foods or Prepared foods

Words are beautiful couriers of meaning. A single word can invoke a smile, ignite love, whet our appetite and even make food taste delicious – all at the same time. Just as easily, they can engender bias- either when used without

Center vs. Center of Gravity

It is sometimes comforting to know that you have struck a balance in an argument and are able to see the other 2 extremes dispassionately, even though you disagree with both positions to some measure.

GMO Foods – A Note of Caution

If hybridization was the cornerstone of the Green revolution of the 60s & 70s, some would like to see GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) as the trigger for the next agricultural revolution. This paper will argue that it is far from it…

Moringa (drumstick) and the story of Kuli Kuli

This goal of this newsletter has always been to empower people to eat right for their wellness; to “pay the farmer not the pharmacy” as we say. From time to time, we also want to feature how game-changing entrepreneurs are rewriting the story of our relat

Healing food systems known for centuries

The Incas, Mayans, ancient Chinese, Indians, Mediterraneans had long ago figured out that “we are what we eat”, and correspondingly built up a staggering knowledge of plants, nutrition and their impact on our wellness. In many ways scientists today…

South East Asia: Global influence and a distinct cuisine

S.E Asia’s 11 countries with 650 million people and $10 trillion in GDP is a rich confluence of cultures. Despite colonization by the British, French, Dutch and the Spanish; it is the Chinese and Indian heritage that runs deep in its art, culture, ethnici