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“Wellness Begins With
What We Eat!”

Our kitchen is a magical room full of solutions for both prevention and cure. Gain deeper knowledge and insight into making better food choices.


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Something very important can be found in your kitchen. Can you guess
Play Video about Something very important can be found in your kitchen. Can you guess


The Doctor, the Pharmacist and Medicine actually reside in your kitchen.

The pharma industry depends on phytonutrients found in plants for drug discovery. More than 40% of all drugs in allopathic pharmaceuticals comes from phytonutrients in plants.

The top 20% prescription drugs in the US whether they are injections, tablets or capsules come from phytonutrients.

Our Food Is Our Medicine and
Our Medicine is Our Food

Uncover the amazing world of edible plants that make up our everyday food, what they contain, how we vary them and how we cook them.

Demystify food complexities, untangle from contradictory messages about food and get an understanding of the impact of food on our overall well-being.

About Us

Meera & Ashok Vasudevan bring 50+ years of experience as leaders in the Plant-based & Natural Food industry. In their podcast series, they show you how to unleash the magic in your kitchen with evidence-based tips & tricks that improve digestion, enhance gut health, build immunity and provide simple solutions to affordable wellness.

Pay the farmer, not the pharmacy. Brought to you by CSAW, the Centre for the Spread of Affordable Wellness

The Golden Triangle

Deconstructing Food. Constructing Wellness.

The Golden Triangle serves as a foundation in understanding food. It looks at food from three dimensions.

Food Groups such as grains and lentils, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, seeds and nuts

Nutrition and nutrients- From Macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber,.

Micro nutrients such as minerals and vitamins as well phytonutrients which are plant based bioactive compounds like lycopene in tomatoes and beta canoveves in carrots.

Wellbeing – An understanding of role of food in our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Your Kitchen is a Magical Pharmacy.

Ashok Vasudevan


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