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Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd keeps blood sugar levels down and improves eyesight


Momordica charantia


Calabaza amarga (Spanish), Karela (Hindi), Pāhakkai (Tamil), Bitter melon


Bitter Gourd as the name suggests is an extremely bitter tasting vegetable which is almost disliked by everyone. But the sad part is that it has a great nutritional value which makes it almost necessary for diabetic patients to consume it.

It is a tropical vegetable whose origin is believed to be South-East Asia. It is a fast-growing, trailing or climbing vine with thin stems and tendrils and it requires trellis to support the climbing vine.

There are two varieties of this vegetable. The large kind is long, oblong and pale green in color. The other kind is small, little oval and dark green.

This Indian Karela has many therapeutic usages and is widely used in alternative medicines to treat many diseases. Bitter melon has been used medicinally in traditional Chinese and African folk medicine for countless generations.


  • Bitter gourd contains a hypoglycemic compound i.e. plant insulin that is very effective in keeping blood sugar levels down.
  • Bitter gourd contains a good amount of beta carotene, which is highly beneficial for maintaining and improving one’s eyesight.
  • Bitter melon stimulates easy digestion and peristalsis of food through the bowel until it is excreted from the body.
  • The vegetable is very low in calories and its pods are rich in phytonutrients like dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.