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Eggplant is nicotine high, treats colon cancer and is used for weight reduction.


Solanum melongena


Eggplant (English), Baiṅgana (Hindia), Berenjena (Spanish), kattirikkāy (Tamil)


Also known as “The King of Vegetables” and much to add to people’s disappointment for considering it as a vegetable, eggplant or brinjal is a fruit, specifically a berry. Belonging to the ‘Nightshade’ or ‘Solanaceae’ family, brinjal is closely related to the tomato and potato.


It is called “The King of Vegetables” not because of the green crown on its head but owing to the benefits and the nutritional value the fruit provides.


An interesting fact that could pull the smokers to consume Brinjal is that it contains the highest level of nicotine of any vegetable. But you need to consume some 20 to 40 pounds of Brinjal to have the amount of nicotine you’d get smoking one cigarette.


From being called “crazy apple” during Renaissance Italy to being as the “apple of love” in sixteenth-century Spain has been a complete transformation journey for Eggplant.


Eggplant also has a rich poetic history, in Japanese, a proverb says as “the happiest omen for a New Year is first Mount Fuji, then the falcon, and lastly eggplant”.


  • Eggplant has been found to be useful in the treatment of colon cancer due to the high amount of fiber found within eggplant.
  • The fiber content of Eggplant is also useful for weight reduction.
  • Eggplant is rich in Chlorogenic acid which has a great capacity to fight free radicals and is also able to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Chlorogenic acid is also antimutagenic, that is it can protect cells from mutating into cancer cells, and it is also antiviral.