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Food Feature: Sweet Potatoes

Contrary to what their name might suggest, sweet potatoes are actually an edible root in the morning glory family, and unrelated to true potato tubers. Immediately recognisable by their vibrant orange flesh, sweet potatoes come in a dazzling array of col

Fiber: A Gut Health Essential

The journey of our gut begins in our mouths through our stomach and intestines, and also involves organs like the pancreas and liver. Through it all, there are more than 100 trillions living microorganisms, and more than 500 different strains of bacterial

Fasting and its health benefits

You’ve probably heard the hype; fasting is the new secret to weight loss. While there is credible science, it’s not a quick fix nor guarantee. Neither is there one sure-fire method to doing it right. However, the benefits are plenty; delayed onset of Type

Carbohydrates get a bad rap

“Carbs make you fat”. “Carbs are unhealthy”. “Too much carbs raise your blood sugar”. Carbs get a bad rap and oftentimes unfairly so. What’s the evidence behind these claims?