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Food Feature: Bamboo Shoots

We often think of pandas as gentle giants, but did you know that they actually consume as much protein as most other carnivorous animals? Young bamboo shoots can comprise nearly 30% protein, and play an important role in the panda’s diet! These herbivores

A Refresher on Protein Basics

Protein has become synonymous in our consciousness with meat, strength and muscle. In America, the term ‘Protein’ is typically used interchangeably with meats. In China, the translated words for protein actually refer to egg whites, recalling images of bo

Mushrooms: a humble culinary wonder

The humble mushroom has been prized for centuries; the Greeks believed it imbued strength in warriors, the Chinese treasured mushrooms as a source of vitality and the Romans believed it to be the “food of the gods”. There are over 2,000 species of mushroo