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Obesity: Let’s not be alarmist but get the facts right


Blog > Obesity: Let’s not be alarmist but get the facts right

Obesity: Let’s not be alarmist but get the facts right

faObesity: Let’s not be alarmist but get the facts right

There is too much alarmist surround sound on obesity. Yes, it can be problematic but before we jump to “cure” here’s some good news. Recent research shows there is no increased risk of mortality from obesity if other metabolic factors are in check, like BP, blood sugar, cholesterol. The risk of obesity related complications are further mitigated by exercise.

But there are good reasons to deal with obesity, not the least of which is we are all really pleased and happy when we lose weight! We know diet choices are major factors for weight regulation. Some are obvious like overeating, snack and dessert binging, excess process foods and irregular regime. But others are counter-intuitive. For instance even small excesses of fruits, nuts, grains and saturated fats can add pounds.

Our bodies behave differently to the same food groups given our unique metabolism. So good record keeping of cause & effect of food and impact on weight is a good starting point.

Join us today on a journey of some interesting factoids on food groups and how they can help deal with obesity.

Busting the “Wheat Belly”

Grains are often thought of as the primary contributor to weight gain, and the first to go in low-carb and keto diets. Studies have shown that whole-grain diets actually help reduce weight; the fibers help you stay sated so you eat less overall. Steel cut oats are a great addition to your diet – the minimal processing results in a lower glycemic index than instant oats. To reduce the long cook time, simply soak ahead.

Fruits contain fructose, so select carefully for a weight-loss diet

Fructose is a sugar, so plan wisely if on a weight-loss plan. Fiber-rich fruits like plums, pears, apples, berries, papaya will slow sugar absorption, creating satiety quickly. Antioxidant-rich citrus fruits help metabolize fat fast. For those tackling obesity, the avoidable fruits are bananas, mangoes, avocados, which add on sugar & fat. The worst is fruit juice, which is pure fructose and no fiber.

Legumes: a fiber and protein packed way to lose weight

Rich in protein & fibre, low in calories and fats, lentils & beans help in weight loss. They lower blood pressure, reduce tummy fat, improve regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol. Their dense fibre binds and excretes cholesterol from the gut. If beans give you bloating & heaviness, choose lighter beans like black-eyed peas or mung, or even sprout them.

Nuts and obesity: much healthier for weight loss than other snacks 

Decades of clinical studies showed that calories from nuts do not cause weight gain compared to the same calories derived from cakes, candy or soda. Nuts provide heart-healthy fats and also boost fat burning in the system, leading to negligible calories. Walnuts and almonds are particularly beneficial to tackle obesity and heart health. But if watching your calories, eat them dry roasted or raw. And leave out the salt.